Monday, 9 April 2012


 Another dress I made from something else. Something a little bit different to your average fabric. This is my personal favourite and with my favourite images. Modelled again for me by Betty Cocotier, if you want to check out her blog it's;
I had seen some other newspaper dresses on the internet and I was interested to give it a go myself. I decided to gather materials and a model, and try it out without much planning at all (none). It turned out great considering, I also tried to incorporate colour into the dress, an aspect that I had not yet seen anyone else do when making a newspaper dress. I used a yellow newspaper for the middle piece and used to most colour full pages I could find without ruining the feel that it was newspaper.

On the bridge. An image I love due to the reminiscent feel it has.
I'm pleased with my outcome! Yay, Happy Pineapple.

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