Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fruit filled day..

Like I said before, I am a pineapple. Here is a picture of me and my boyfriend M. Anano. Isn't he such a cutie? We always go to town on a thursday, this is just a typical day for us.

Here is a picture of me and my good friend Betty Cocotier and our babies. On the left her daughter Coco and on the right my daughter Anane. I love this picture!

Me and my friends in town, Anane got a bit shy and decided to hide away inside my shirt. I love my fruity little family.

This picture is one I find quite tasteful even if it does look as though I am shoplifting pineapples. I wasn't, I was trying to convince her that lifts are not scary.

Anane asked me if one day she might be even bigger than her mummy, I felt sorry for her knowing that she wouldn't so I let her be tall and take a ride on my head. N'aww.

Above is a picture of me and Anano and how we first met. It was love at first sight. A coup de foudre.
Je t'aime mon cheri Anano.

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